Android UI : Make it fast and efficient

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Android, Java, Programming, Technology
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On July 14, SF Java User Group organized another great meetup. The speaker was Romain Guy from Google’s Android team. Apparently good photographers transcend into good UI coders Romain Guy’s site . The presentation (from Google I/O Conf.) provides the tips and tricks about how to create faster UI using Views, backgrounds, rescaling Images for faster rendering, better use of Views and Layouts.  Here is the presentation – How to make Andoid UI efficient ?

Some of the questions from the Q&A session included:

Q: Will Android support languages other than Java?
A: Romain mentioned that there is a version of Scala and python that work on Android, but currently all APIs are in Java.

Q: Does Flash work on Android?
A: Development is on-going and the Android team is working with Adobe.
(There is a nice article on Gizmodo : Flash for android webos landing in October)

Q: Can JavaFX be used on Android?
A: Code might be hard to run on the phone and may not be performant.

Q: Apparently, Sony Ericsson are also building an Android phone. How do you plan to avoid fragmentation as other companies start shipping Android phones?
A: CTS – Compatibility Test Suite
You can’t ship a phone as ‘Android’ if it doesn’t pass the CTS.

Other links you would want to go thru :

If you are using Eclipse and wanto set up android plugin , check this out :

If you have trouble viewing the video plugin site is :

Once you set it up you can use the emulator Android Emulator to test the apps.

Here is the entire video of the talk :

By the way the next version of Android is called “DONUT”, Guess what the version next to that is called ?

  1. cvs268 says:

    Checkout the PathPartner Android MEDIAPHONE @

    A Good Example of what can be done with Android.

    UI is crisp and efficient. It provides a chic look and is both responsive to user input as well…

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