Android UI : Make it fast and efficient

On July 14, SF Java User Group organized another great meetup. The speaker was Romain Guy from Google’s Android team. Apparently good photographers transcend into good UI coders Romain Guy’s site . The presentation (from Google I/O Conf.) provides the tips and tricks about how to create faster UI using Views, backgrounds, rescaling Images for faster rendering, better use of Views and Layouts.  Here is the presentation – How to make Andoid UI efficient ?

Some of the questions from the Q&A session included:

Q: Will Android support languages other than Java?
A: Romain mentioned that there is a version of Scala and python that work on Android, but currently all APIs are in Java.

Q: Does Flash work on Android?
A: Development is on-going and the Android team is working with Adobe.
(There is a nice article on Gizmodo : Flash for android webos landing in October)

Q: Can JavaFX be used on Android?
A: Code might be hard to run on the phone and may not be performant.

Q: Apparently, Sony Ericsson are also building an Android phone. How do you plan to avoid fragmentation as other companies start shipping Android phones?
A: CTS – Compatibility Test Suite
You can’t ship a phone as ‘Android’ if it doesn’t pass the CTS.

Other links you would want to go thru :

If you are using Eclipse and wanto set up android plugin , check this out :

If you have trouble viewing the video plugin site is :

Once you set it up you can use the emulator Android Emulator to test the apps.

Here is the entire video of the talk :

By the way the next version of Android is called “DONUT”, Guess what the version next to that is called ?


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  1. cvs268 says:

    Checkout the PathPartner Android MEDIAPHONE @

    A Good Example of what can be done with Android.

    UI is crisp and efficient. It provides a chic look and is both responsive to user input as well…

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