GTUG at GooglePlex

At GooglePlex

Aug 9 2009 : At the GooglePlex at Google, One of the world’s best campus to work at. Free wifi to go around with your laptop, all over the campus. I have got many acknowledgements here to support the excitement. Google Technology User Group meetup started on Aug 7 2009 went on for 2 nights and today is the third day. Here are some really enthusiastic coders at work. I myself slept very less this weekend, but there are people who slept for less than 3 hours. Tents were scattered outside on the lawn, where coders camped. Coders who were determined to build applications over the weekend. I wish I could do something like building a small wave application. We did start out well on Friday night to build an automated Groupy bot. The learning of the new apis and the setup took a while, the interest was well invested. There were some clear tutorials to try out on Google Wave robots.

But as we started building we realized , what we wanted to achieve turned out to be an advanced feature. There were no apis to support it yet. Nevertheless , it was a time well spent. Made new friends, learnt how to write a robot. Had a Google experience. Got interviewed by Mercury news, made it to the : Silicon Valley news

Here is the site from GTUG , Mountain View :


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