Geo location smackdown at SF New Tech

On June 16 2010, SF NewTech organized an event called Geo location smackdown. I have been excited about the geo location services myself, ever since I started playing Foursquare, GoWalla and doing check-ins on Yelp. Thanks to some of my friends, such as Andrew Mager who are deep in this landscape, it keeps me interested. I was there to find out if location based networks can provide better solutions than just earning badges and an occasional 1$ off on a Cappuccino. With so many people using location networking apps and doing check-ins, there must be a better business model. I spoke to couple of event attendees, they seemed very enthusiastic about the entire thing. From what I learnt, Twitter is so last year. This is the year for location based networking services, with Foursquare leading them all. The event speakers involved founders and CEOs from Brightkite, Where, PlacePop, DoubleDutch, Booyah / MyTown and some more.

Two of them are worth mentioning:

  • PlacePop provides a loyalty card application for your smart phones. Every time you check-in at a restaurant, the app adds a star. The founder of PlacePop showed that after 3 check-ins at a Chipotle, you get a reward. It can be redeemed just like a loyalty card. That is something close to a business model and provides a real world solution.
  • Booyah / MyTown is another location based gaming application , but to me it seemed better than Foursquare. It allows you to buy and own your favorite real-life locations. You can collect rent from a location , when somebody checks-in at the venue you own. Neat game !

Here are some photos from SF New Tech :
SF New Tech pictures

SF New Tech had a twitter roulette, that would pick up tweets from the #sfnewtech event and show it on the large screen. I got lucky :

#placepop was my pick in #sfnewtech. Looks like a solution that is close to serving some purpose.
My Tweet on the SFNewTech roulette "#placepop was my pick in #sfnewtech. Looks like a solution that is close to serving some purpose."

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