I dugg air guitar-hero at SF Beta

On Sep 15, I did make it to SF Beta after a long time. Thanks to a friend of mine, who offered a ticket to this event that he could not use. It is always nice to see the enthusiasm and buzz about the new technology at this event. This event at 111 Minna, gives me a fresh dose of SoMa tech sub-culture, which I miss sometimes. I got a chance to talk to some presenters , and most of them were representing start-ups working on ad targeting across social media users / groups. Alhough ads are not something I completely understand, I tried to hang around while running into geeks looking for something fascinating. One of the team members from ISocket explained to me what they were doing. You can buy ad packages commission-free across different sites with ISocket and launch your ad on many sites you like. Definitely makes buying ads a lot easier. They also suggest sites from where you could are more likely to get the traffic. Quite an ad model that. Another start-up Inacronym seemed like a user driven visual interpersonal advertising. You can create a profile badge based on what products you like and post it to your blog or Facebook. And that redirects the user to the product’s web-site. Neat ! This is me Inacronym\'ed
Well, guess who was the main sponsor ? the big Digg ! I personally think the New Digg is better than the old one. True that the new site experienced some issues when they released it. But to allow user to follow topics and users (perhaps borrowed from Twitter) makes the whole experience of digg better now. To me it looks like the “follow” feature is more needed for a site such as this than any other.
Moving from one geek cluster to another, the meet-up started to amaze me. I got to meet couple of young founders from Yobble. They have an interesting product, it is called “Air Guitar Hero”. One of them showed me an interesting game controller connected with iPhone. The iPhone app has the frets lined up like that of a key-board iPhone app and the pick that is connected to the iPhone has a speaker that generates sound when you air-strum. Good that there was a lot of noise in the room already, or it would be apparent that even my air-guitar skills are bad.
Lazy Feed is worth taking a look. It does all the RSS Feed aggregation based on your topics of interest, which they claim makes you lazy.
In the end, I got my dose of new tech. Looking forward to attending more of these.


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  1. Glad you enjoyed the event! Thanks for making use of my ticket … hope to be able to attend the next when … especially if I get to try out the air guitar!

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