jQuery love

Coders helping coders has opened up such an awesome community on the internet. If you want to play with some javascript there are abundant resources. Get an rss feed of a website and combine with a nice presentation layer, you can create wonders. I spent sometime looking into the jQuery RSS feed parsers, Zazar has some real good plugins worth mentioning  – Zazar.net zRssFeed. Using this plugin is real simple, set these parameters and you get the feed

			$('#div').rssfeed('http://rssfeedUrl/rss', {
				 limit: 1,
  • limit: number of items in the feed
  • content: boolean value represents the content of the feed
  • header: title or the header of the article
  • date: date the article was published

There are lot many options that provide a more customized feed.

The twitter api provides access to individual timelines in this format – http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/<username>.<format>

However when I tried to read my twitter feed using the above url, the feed did not render. Zazar has built a twitter jQuery plugin called zTwitterFeed that works like a charm. It is very easy to integrate twitter feed into your website. You should really check this plugin out – Zazar.net zTwitterFeed

			$('#div').twitterfeed('vinaynag', {
				 limit: 1,
				 tweettime: false,
				 tweeticon: false,
				 header: false,

  • tweettime: boolean value to show or not show the tweet time
  • tweeticon: boolean value to show or not show the user’s twitter icon
  • header: not sure of this option, it is usually same as the @username

Implementing a website with lots of hover-in and hover-out has a danger of running into a problem where even an unintentional hover and a random drag of the mouse pointer can trigger the hover events in javascript. That can make your website look like a radioactive experiment. The jQuery plugin I loved the most is hoverIntent.js, it delays the trigger of hover event based on the parameters you set. Basic and advanced configurations give you just the enough control on the hover behavior.

Coming to my website design, I combined all the above plugins and designed a few social media icons, and conceptualized my website – http://vinaynag.me . Though there are a lot of changes yet to be done, this is a beta version good enough to be released. I love it.


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